GACA extends Changi Airports International's Saudi airport management contract

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has reportedly extended Changi Airports International's (CAI) contract to manage and operate King Fahd International Airport (KFIA) in Dammam.

The latest deal extends the successful six-year partnership until June 2015, which is the maximum permitted period of seven months from 7 November 2014.

During the six-year period, CAI deployed a team of professionals in the Arab nation to work with local managers on bolstering the airport management efforts, Today Online reported.

"The close working relationship at the management level has led to many new ideas and initiatives hat has been positive to KFIA."

CAI's domain experts also supported the development in airport commercial and retail management, operations efficiency, service quality management, and hub and route development.

KFIA director general Yousef Al-Dhahri said: "KFIA appreciates the contribution from our CAI colleagues and is glad to extend the management services agreement till June 2015.

"Together, we are confident that KFIA will meet its strategic development goals."

The cooperation also led to unprecedented growth in the KFIA's number of operating airlines, passenger traffic and city links, which is currently serving 36 airlines to 65 cities.

Designed to serve about 12 million passengers and 125,000t of cargo a year, KFIA boasts 3,900m-long and 60m-wide runways, which also include associated taxiways and aprons built parallel to them.